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Chloe Countryman

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The Disney Movie Club Delivers Your Favorite Characters

Since Mickey Mouse first came around, Americans have had a special place in their hearts for Disney. Thousands of adults will tell you that their first time at the cinema was to watch a Disney classic. For one generation, it was Pinocchio or Cinderalla, for another generation it was Donald in Math Magic Land or Lady and the Tramp.

game of thrones seasons 1-4 dvdYoung adults today were first exposed to Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. And the tradition continues to today's youngsters with such movies as Cars and Toy Story. Grandparents eagerly await the moment their infant is old enough to watch Disney favorites they themselves enjoyed as youths. Recapturing Disney classics is now easier Strike Back Seasons 1-4 DVD than ever. the The Shannara Chronicles Disney Movie Club allows you shop for those much loved movies at home.

The Disney Movie Club works much like traditional book clubs, but much simpler. Both Tales from the Crypt Seasons 1-7 DVD adult and child fare are offered, so there is something for every member of the family to watch.

Recent movies Narnia are listed, as are old favorites such as Bedknobs and Broomsticks. With the exception of movies that are in the vault and movies too recently released to be out on DVD, most Disney Defiance Seasons 1-3 DVD films are in the catalogue.

Joining the Disney Movie Club could not be easier. Simply enroll and place your initial order online, or if you prefer, you can join by mail or over the phone. The first three movies are only $1.99 each, and you may purchase an additional movie for $14.99--$5 off the normal catalogue price. A fifth selection may be purchased for $9.95. Shipping is free! About once a month, offers will come to your home, and once your first commitment is completed, you will be eligible for great VIP discounts and offers.

If you ever thought about making a collection of beloved Disney films, there has never been a better opportunity. With a Disney Movie Club membership, the original classics can be delivered to your doorstep. There is something singular about the appeal of these classics. No matter how old you are, there will always be a special corner Duck Dynasty Seasons 1-6 DVD of your heart for Nemo and Dory, Snow White and her Dwarves, and Ariel and Flounder.

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