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Maureen Mackennal

Maureen Mackennal

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Internal Audit:
Internal audit procedure is done to analyze, monitor and examine the activities related to a company's operations that includes business structure, employee behavior and information systems. Audits are an important component that helps in company's risk management to find issues and correct them before they become substantial problems. An internal audit that’s done daily, weekly, monthly or annually helps in the effectiveness of a company’s internal control system to find any evidence of fraud or malpractice.
The Internal audit starts when an auditor assesses the processes and procedures, analyzes and compares the results to internal control objectives. The auditor compiles and presents the audit report to the client once the results comply with the internal policies and procedures laid down by the respective state laws.
TRC pamco also provides its clients with a range of internal audit solutions like:
• Providing assistance in developing and implementing risk based internal audit methodologies
• Assistance in carrying out risk assessment evaluation and testing
• Providing specialized additional resource to in-house internal audit departments
• Liaising with external auditors bookkeeping services in dubai relation to their annual statutory audit procedures
• Developing standard operating procedures
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