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Russell Scorfield

Russell Scorfield

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Lodha Casa Rio And Casa Rio De Janeiro Gold Both Comes All Along In Dombivali

Lodha Casa Rio as well as the Casa Rio Gold both these projects are being provided by the Lodha Group, with the goal that they are just going to fulfil the all the basic needs and needs of the peoples not of the particular Mumbai folks but also the all across the India with the great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The motto from the Lodha group has always been to provide the particular fullest facilities when it comes to the residential apartments as well as the commercial/business deals.

Casa Rio gold has been one of the concern based projects for the Lodha Team in the field of residential services, although it made the great business for the financial years 2012-2013, but then also it has been discovered that this project can make more company across the country with no more delays. Exactly the same case is also with the Lodha Resid
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